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Sheet Metal Work

Metal Roofs are one of the amazing Roofs there are. Their lifespan is approximately 40 to 70 years! Yup they are long lasting roofs. There are various beautiful colors, styles, and width's. Metal panels resist any windstorm and major weather climate changes. Energy efficient as well. They are installed interlocking each panel for a more water tight secure installation. Schedule a free estimate.

Unique Roofing LLC. specializes in installing entire roofs of metal panels. We include 10 year workmanship warranty with every newly installed roof along with manufacturers warranty.  We also do repairs as well and cleanings on metal roofing.


Composition is the most popular choice here in Washington. More verity of colors, brands and styles to choose from such as Architectural and Presidential shingles and many more. We work with all major named brands such as PABCO, CERTAINTEED, MYSTIQUE, and GAF. You should definitely check out the new line of shingles that came out that are Algae Resistant!

Unique Roofing LLC. specializes in restoring entire homes with composition shingles as well as repairing composition roofs. Any kind of repair your roof needs we shall complete and extend the life of the roof. Composition shingles are the most popular type of shingles to be used for a roof.

Composition shingles have a lifespan of 30 years  to a lifetime. Under the asphalt shingles there is a thin line of adhesive that adheres to the shingle placed over each other, for a more watertight and secure shingle fastened to the roof. This helps the shingles stay on.

Cedar Shake

Unique Roofing LLC. specializes in Cedar Shake shingles on both, Residential and Commercial properties. Cedar Shake shingles look extremely beautiful and give an attractive appearance on the home or building.

Again, the Cedar Shake shingles are a beautiful detail to give your home or building. Not only do they look nice they are energy efficient, help keep the home insulated in cold temperatures and cool in hotter climates.  Cedar Shake shingles are lightweight but extremely sturdy and durable to major weather changes and weather storms.

Cedar Shake shingles are Eco-friendly. They come in a variety of colors to choose from including brown, red, and gold. Cedar Shake shingles do need to be kept maintained with regular roof cleanings and color treatments at least 2 times a year. With a well maintained Cedar Shake roof it is bound to last you 10 more years than the average asphalt shingles.

Torch Down

Torch Down Roofing is Excellent for low pitched or flat roofs. The best economical material to keep water out for good. Weather resistant and little to no maintenance.

Torch Down Roofing is Great for both Residential and Commercial Properties. The torch Down roof is fire resistant. The material reflects off UV rays, helps keep the home or building cool during summer. Extremely durable material, impenetrable, never a need for repair, if installed correctly. 

Torch is not tar. Avoid toxic fumes. No maintenance needed. Torch Down roofing last up to 20 years. Torch down is installed using YES! a flame torch. Heating evenly across the roll and unwinding at the same time so the bitumen adheres to the roof. Lots of skill is needed to install torch, it needs to be heated enough to adhere and not over heated.

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