Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs are the best economical method to extend the life of your roof. Repairs are for the specified areas that need fixing when the rest of the roof is in great condition. Repairs are done on a variety of situations, whether its for a leak when water from the exterior is flowing inside the home, physical damage on the outside has caused damaged such as a tree branch, heavy weather conditions that may have blown off shingles then you have missing shingles exposing vulnerability of the roof, when theirs lots of debris on the roof and hasn't been maintained with regular roof cleanings, and when a roof has been installed improperly.

Where are roof repairs done? A roof repair may done any where on the roof including fascia. Unique Roofing LLC. specializes in repairs on pipe flashings, vents, dormers, valley eves, ridge, chimneys and skylights. 

Could you repair my roof? Unique Roofing LLC. specialize on working on a variety of types of roofing material, we perform excellent craftsmanship on composition shingles, cedar shake shingles, metal panels, and torch down.

Roof Restoration

No better feeling of having a brand new roof on your house! We enjoy installing new roofs, When you're ready for a new roof Unique Roofing LLC. will be ready as well.  We specialize in installing roofs in a variety of material, composition, asphalt, cedar shake, metal panels and torch. We perform roof restorations on both residential and commercial properties. Once the prior roof is removed we inspect the decking to make sure it is in satisfactory condition to install a new roof over, if the decking needs replacing including tresses, we perform all of the necessary carpentry  procedures to prepare the structure for a new roof. Underlayment is a synthetic felt paper that protects the roof from water and moisture. this is very important to have. 

Then the type of roof the home owner chooses is installed. We install the material according to the material manufacturers specifications, our workmanship is performed according to Washington state law and regulations all the necessary permits are acquired. to complete a roof restoration. Everything installed is brand new, shingles, vents, pipe flashing, valley metals, staples, nails, metal flashings.  

We also perform Roof over Roof procedures!!!

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is very important to maintain your roof with regular cleanings at least twice a year! This procedure helps to extend the lifespan of your roof and also minimizes if any repairs in the future. Moss and debris accumulation on the roof will cause roof leaks which will end in a roof repair, Moss and debris accumulation will also deteriorate the shingles and shorten the lifespan of the roof.  Moss and debris absorb and keep water and moisture on the roof and cause roof damage.

There are a couple of ways to clean your roof, blowing the debris or pressure washing. We also recommend applying a roof treatment and/ or moss treatment on the roof.  Add color treatment to the cedar shake shingles to protect and look like a brand new roof.

Chimney and Skylight

We specialize in repairing chimneys and skylights. We also remove chimney and skylights, cover the hole they leave on the roof. We install skylights! we only take care of the roof process in skylight installation, not the interior.